New resources

This page shows you the range of resources recently added to the Maths Everyday website. The newest materials are at the top of the page…

July 2021 – Year 3 Daily challenges Week 1
Year 4 Daily challenges week 1

A new set of daily, five-minute open-ended questions for children to practice their skills. Downloads straight to your Download file (PPSX so opens as a PPT presentation)

July 2021 – Year 3 Addition and subtraction – Adding 3 digit numbers using formal methods

An Always, sometimes, never question asking children to find examples to support their answers. 

July 2021 – Year 6 Place value – using negative numbers in context

Always, sometimes, never question to develop understanding further. 

July 2021 – Year 4 Multiplication and Division – multiply a 2 or 3 digit number by a 1 digit number

A ‘Where is the problem?’ activity checking understanding of multiplication. 

July 2021 – Year 5 Place Value – Counting in powers of 10.

Three new resources available for you. Fluency, Where is the mistake and ASN sheet for you! 

July 2021 – Year 5 Multiplication and division – Factors, Always, sometimes, never?

A new ASN resource relating to factor pairs. 

July 2021 – Year 4 Place value – 1,000 more and less

A new problem for Year 4 children looking at how many numbers they need to write to reach a given number. 
Also, there is a Spot the mistake sheet to accompany this via the menu page

July 2021 – Year 5 Addition and subtraction Fluency

A fantastic fluency sheet for children to really think about how addition number sentences are formed (and how to answer them!!!)

July 2021 – Year 3 Addition and Subtraction ASN

Always, sometimes or never question for 3d+1d numbers

June 2021 – Year 1 Place Value Where is the mistake?

A quick activity for children to spot the mistake in given sequences forward and back within 100. 

June 2021 – Year 4 Place Value – Say in 6’s

A new problem where children have to consider whether given numbers would be said when counting in multiples of 6.

April 2021 – Year 4 Measure – Perimeter Always, sometimes, never?

Children need to prove whether a regular four-sided shape will have an even perimeter. 

April 2021 – Year 4 Addition and subtraction – Spot the mistake

A quick problem for children to find the error in the calculation. 


March 2021 – Year 2 Quick 10 Week 2 

Our second set of Quick 10 questions for Year 2 children.

March 2021 – Year 5 Measure – Find the perimeter

An open-ended problem with children finding a set perimeter from a number of centimetre squares. Lots of different possibilities for the children to find. 

March 2021 – Year 6 Quick 10 Week 1

A set of Quick Maths questions for Year 6 children ranging from place value to simplifying fractions. 

March 2021 – Year 5 Quick 10 Week 1

The first set of Quick 10 questions for our Year 5 children available on this page. Week 2 to come soon. 

March 2021 – Year 4 Quick 10 Week 1

More fluency questions for our Year 4 children. 

February 2021 – Year 3 Quick 10 Week 1

10 fluency questions per day for our Year 3 children to practice. 


February 2021 – Year 2 Quick 10.

10 Fluency questions (for five days) for children to work on quickly. Great for AfL. 

February 2021 – Year 3 Multiplication and division – x3 table Always, sometimes, never?

A quick Always, sometimes, never problem looking at the ones digits within the x3 table. 

February 2021 – Year 4 Place Value – Counters

Making a four-digit number using a set number of counters, finding the largest and smallest difference when moving just one counter.

February 2021 – Year 2 Addition and Subtraction Fluency

Adding and subtracting a 2-digit number from a 1-digit number – including a pattern for the children to find as well.

February 2021 – Year 1 Place Value – Hundred Square

A simple problem for Year 1 children completing parts of a hundred square to find one more or less than given numbers to 100.

February 2021 – Year 1 Place Value – George’s numbers

A problem for Year 1 children – which of the numbers would he say?


February 2021 – Year 5 Place Value – Roman Numerals Fluency sheets

Fluency questions with children converting Roman numerals to digits and vice-versa.

February 2021 – Year 6 Calculation – Always, sometimes, never?

Our first ASN question (including answers of course) looking at multiplying a 4-digit number by a two-digit number.

February 2021 – Year 4 Measure Different amounts

An investigation using pounds and pence finding the different possible amounts that can be made.

February 2021 – Year 6 20 in 15

A 15 minute arithmetic test (two currently available) for children to practice half of the questions. This is designed to be completed weekly to focus on teaching topics for coming weeks – more to follow

February 2021 – Year 5 Place Value – Make a number

Looking at making a 3-digit number using Roman numerals. A simple problem with many possibilities.

February 2021 – Year 6 Place Value – Negative Numbers Fluency

A new fluency sheet to use negative numbers in a sequence as well as in number sentences. A reasoning challenge is also included.

February 2021 – Year 4 Place Value – What is my original number?

A rounding investigation where children have to find the original number based on given clues.