Year 6 SATs Preparation and fluency

On this page we will add a range of documents for you to use with your children in the run-up to their SATs tests. They are split into arithmetic and reasoning questions.

Quick 10

Quick 10 – Ten questions for children to work though within a set time limit (start at five minutes, down to three as they grow in confidence).


Arithmetic 10

Ten arithmetic questions to complete in 10 minutes. Can be used as AfL and inform intervention focuses.

20 in 15

15 minute arithmetic tests with 20 questions (half a test, half of the time). These are designed to be completed weekly to develop teaching focuses for the coming week. Analysis spreadsheets are being developed to identify key areas of teaching/intervention

Year 6 Five Day Fluency Starter PowerPoints

These PowerPoint presentations are daily, 10 minute sessions with the same focus throughout the week. There are similar questions each day to develop confidence for the children as well as being used as teaching points as necessary.


Reasoning practice – 8 questions for children to complete (along with the answers)

Reasoning 6 – Six random questions to complete in ten minutes…