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Providing quality resources for the primary classroom

Maths EveryDay Plus offers hundreds of quality maths and English resources including:

Arithmetic papers
Quick 10 morning worksheets
Fluency and reasoning questions relating to the National Curriculum
Writing inspirations
GPS resources
Open-ended investigations
Daily challenges

With much more to come!
Only £14.99 per year!

A range of teaching resources just for you!

Welcome to Maths Everyday Plus – a website full of teaching resources for Primary teachers.

Maths Everyday Plus is a website to support teaching and learning of Maths and English within the primary classroom.

Our resources grow on a weekly basis, created and used by primary school teachers. 

We include editable versions of our activities as well so that they can be adapted as necessary for your children.

See some of our sample resources using the link above.

As well as fluency and reasoning questions, we have a range of open-ended investigations for maths objectives.

The Literacy side of our site is just developing but already have a range of GPS activities as well as reading questions for a number of popular books (split into fact-retrieval, inference and vocabulary).

Visit the new resource page to see what we have recently added.

For teachers

Offering a wide-range of different resources for primary school teachers to use with their children within their classroom in Maths and Literacy.

Hundreds of quality resources are available and linked to the objectives of the National Curriculum, making them easy to locate. 

Fluency sessions, open-ended problems, spotting the mistakes and more. All including printable sheets making it easy to use in your lessons. 

The site also has a range of Literacy resources including GPS activities, reading comprehension and writing ideas. These resources are also being added to on a daily basis. 

For schools

At Maths Everyday, we are developing ways that we can support children as well as staff within your school. This could be in the form of consultancy for leaders, bespoke CPD for staff, developing action plans and next steps and enhancing the offer within lessons.

We are able to offer a range of  workshops for children which are bespoke to your school’s individual needs.

We want to work with your school to ensure that you help your pupils to move forward, understand and enjoy their learning.

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A year’s access to Maths Everyday PLUS is only £14.99 and gives you a wealth of resources that can be immediately used in the classroom (or at home). 

New resources are added daily and currently include:


  • Fluency activities
  • Word problems
  • Spot the mistake questions
  • Always, sometimes, never problems
  • Investigations
  • Daily fluency activities
  • Daily challenges (for registration activities)
  • Assessment materials for all year groups


  • GPS activities and printable sheets
  • Reading questions linked to popular books (growing weekly).
  • Vocabulary resources relating to the given books.
  • Writing inspirations including pictures and a range of activities linked to this.
  • A growing set of resources relating to the Literacy National Curriculum.

We can also offer (where possible) additional resources upon request and most of our resources are editable.

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Many of our resources are available as an editable version for our members. These are to use for educational purposes only and not for financial gain. All of the resources on our website are property of Maths Everyday Ltd and cannot be used to make a profit for any other individual or company not linked to Maths Everyday Ltd. As part of your membership, you are welcome to remove our logo or edit any of our resources for use within your own classroom only.