Sample resources

We are busy adding new resources to our pages on a daily basis. This is a small sample of what we already have on our site with much more to come. 
As well as what you see here, we also have a number of additional resources including Quick 10 questions, arithmetic assessments, reasoning practice questions with so much more to come as well!

A number of our resources are already editable and this option will be available to more as we continue to grow.

Additional resources

Y5 Quick 10 sheet – PDF  Presentation
Our Quick 10 sheets are available for Y2-Y6 with new questions every day and every week.

Arithmetic test paper 1
Arithmetic test paper 1 answers
Our arithmetic tests are fully linked with KS2 SATs tests – currently available for Y5 and 6 but soon will be available for other year groups as well. 

Random Reasoning – a range of different reasoning-based questions for Year 3-6 with more to follow very soon.
Year 4 sample
Year 5 sample

The following resources will be available for every objective (and more)
within the National Curriculum as the site grows.

We are busy adding new resources daily for each objective and will soon also add
intervention slides as well as editable teaching slides for you to use.

Currently have over 400 resources available with more added each day.

Soon, there will also be new Literacy resources available
as well as part of your yearly membership. 


PDF – Year 6 Common factors
These sheets also come with a PPT presentation that can be shown on a presentation screen/IWB. 


Y5 Place Value – Round it right – Also shows as a separate web-page along with an answer sheet.

If there is something that you would like but we don’t have on offer, please contact us.
We are happy to further develop resources to support our members!