Year 5 Fractions – How much cake?

Objective: Compare and order fractions whose denominators are all multiples of the same number.



Print out sheet

Yesterday my teacher brought in four cakes, all equal sized.


Cake 1 was cut into 4 equal pieces. 1 child had one slice of this cake.

Cake 2 was cut into 12 equal pieces. 3 children had two slices each

Cake 3 was cut into 20 equal pieces with 4 children having two slices each.

Cake 4 was cut into 16 equal pieces. 2 children ate 4 slices each.


Which cake had been eaten the most? Which was eaten the least? Put the amount of cake eaten from least to most.



Cake 1 had 1/4 eaten (which can be converted to 25/100)

Cake 2 had 6/12 eaten (1/2 or 50/100)

Cake 3 had 8/20 which can be converted to 4/10 or 40/100. 

Cake 4 had 8/16 which is the same as 1/2 or 50/100. 

So, the order from smallest to largest is:
Cake 1, Cake 4, Cake 2 and 3 equal.