Year 4 Place value – 1,000 more and less

Find 1,000 more or less than a given number

1,000 more and less printable sheet

Investigation: 1,000 more and less




Joe wrote the number 4,214.
He added 1,000 to this number and then wrote the next number down. He continued to do this.
What will be the fourth number he writes down after 4,214?
How many times will he write a number before writing 15,214?

Joe then wrote the number 12,588. This time he subtracted 1,000 each time and wrote the number down.
How many numbers will he write in total when reaching a number with 4 in the thousands column?



The fourth number would be 8,214.

After 4,214 Joe would write 11 further numbers to reach 15, 214.

From 12,588, he would then write 8 further numbers to reach 4,588