Year 3 Number and Place Value – How many possibilities?

Identify and order numbers to 1,000.

Year 3 Ordering Numbers Fluency questions
Year 3 Ordering Numbers Problem Solving
Year 3 Ordering Numbers Investigation


How many possibilities?




Look at the three digit cards below:

How many different three-digit numbers can you make if you rearrange them each time?
Estimate how many you think you will make before investigating this.

Now look at these digit cards:

Do you think you will be able to make more three-digit numbers this time? Could there be the same amount or less?
Explain why you think this before investigating again.



The digit cards 4, 2 and 9 give more possibilities than 5, 3 and 5 due to the repetition in the second set of cards.

The numbers that can be made from the first set are:
249, 294, 429, 492, 924, 942.

The numbers from the second set of cards are:
355, 535, 553.