Support for schools

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A range of different packages are available and can be adapted to meet the individual needs of each school. They include: 

  • One-off, bespoke progress meetings
  • Yearly package including half-termly/termly progress meetings or visits
  • One-to-one support for subject and senior leaders
  • Intensive support sessions
  • Lesson/book support and next steps. 

Extra information available on request.  Email for prices and availability.  Virtual meetings or a phone call can be arranged to discuss further support. 

Whole school subscription

Full access to our growing library of resources. This includes:

  • All resources already available on our site
  • Full access to all of our Daily Challenges, past and present
  • Fluency activities for every resource in the National Curriculum (continuing to grow weekly)
  • A guaranteed minimum of ten new resources every week.
  • Morning activities for every year group
  • A huge range of problem solving activities for a range of objectives (growing daily)
  • Daily Quick 10 activities for Y1-6. 
  • A growing range of interventions
  • Termly assessment materials for each year group 

Subscriptions are dependant on school size. Email for prices and more information. 

Workshops for children

We can offer half-day or full-day sessions with groups of children (the same group or a range of different groups/classes throughout your school) with a set purpose/end goal as arranged.

This could be working as an intervention (with next steps discussed with staff), developing understanding of greater depth standards in given areas or simply to develop the fun and understanding for children. 

Email for availability and more information.

CPD/Subject lead support

Our team at Maths Everyday have a great track record of supporting subject leads in a positive way ensuring that progress is made for children in their school and that leaders are fully responsible for leading their subject confidently. 

We offer bespoke packages to help subject and senior leaders with the development of maths in their school in the form of in-school visits with subject leads and follow-up meetings/visits as required. 

We can also support with CPD sessions for teachers, support staff and parents as required. 

Email for further information and price guides.