Maths Everyday PLUS offers everything you need (and more) to support and develop you children’s understanding in Maths and Literacy. A year’s access to Maths Everyday is only £14.99 and gives you a wealth of resources that can be immediately used in the classroom or at home. 

Individual access to all of our teaching resources includes:


  • Fluency slides (differentiated)

  • Word problems

  • Spot the mistakes

  • Always, sometimes, never questions

  • Investigations

  • Fluency starter sheets (Quick 10 – available for every year group for every school day)

  • Random reasoning questions

  • Assessment materials – Arithmetic and fluency papers.

Literacy (currently being developed)

  • Reading questions for a range of texts, differentiated into fact retrieval, inference, vocabulary.
  • Grammar, punctuation and spelling resources
  • Practice questions
  • Writing examples/ideas
  • Practice assessments


We already have over 800 resources available on the site with many more added each week.


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