About Maths Everyday

Maths Everyday is run by qualified teachers and experienced leaders who are passionate about maths making it fun, engaging and achievable for all children.

We have a proven history in supporting schools in a variety of ways, all with huge successes. All of our staff have been senior leaders, key stage leads, maths leaders and SLEs. Over the course of fifteen years, staff here have worked in their own schools as well as supporting others, developing the provision of the subject and overall outcomes. 

We have worked with schools of all sizes and maths leads with varying levels of confidence and experience in their role. 

We have worked with various new subject leaders, helping them to understand the role of the subject and how to improve the overall provision outcomes for children. Our personal approach gave these leaders the opportunity to develop and grow whilst feeling comfortable to ask questions and try things out in a safe environment. 

We have also worked with staff in the classroom, helping them to develop their skills and understanding of teaching maths in the primary classroom. Here, we have offered coaching and mentoring including delivering model lessons, team teaching giving teachers confidence to ask for help in various areas.